3 Ways to Spend Your Summer

I don’t know about you, but I am NOT missing winter! For some reason, the unbearable heat of the day, the noisy wasps and buzzing bees, and the smell of soil, freshly mown grass, and pool chlorine are an unusually welcome symphony of summer for me this year. Maybe winter was far too long. Or, maybe I forgot just how awesome summer is! =) Don’t spend the whole season twiddling your thumbs! Here are three great ideas on how to spend summer at its fullest:

1: Purpose to Grow Closer to God // Even the most spiritual Christian has room to grow. What better time to crack open the Bible and set time aside for fellowship with the Creator of the universe and time than summer, a famous time to take a break? I believe that it is crucial for any follower of Christ to make a daily habit of spending time with God and reading His Holy Word, the Bible. If I didn’t believe that we should, I wouldn’t be writing a book about it! Much more, God wants to spend time with you and me. He really likes you. He really LOVES you! It’s the absolute least we can do for the God who sent His only Son to DIE for us if we just carve out a small chunk of each day to read a couple verses and TALK to God.

2: Get Your Priority List Straight // Especially as a young person, I know it can be tempting to burn our school books, shout, “FREEDOM!” and run outside to hang out with our friends. Nothing’s wrong with that… unless, of course, we neglect our family. Undeniably, situations and relationships differ from family to family. Whatever the situation, God still commands everyone in His family to abide by the rules set out for us by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:1-9. Find creative and inventive ways to rediscover “family.” A bunch of different, opinionated, human people under the same roof can make for either friction or fun. Want a hint on how to make this summer meaningful? Strive for FUN. =)

3: Make a 10 Things List // This year, I decided to try something new and adventurous. Summer is such a long void in the school year, and I wanted to set some goals for myself in order to make myself useful. I corralled a couple of my siblings and we each made a list of the top ten things we wanted to do / learn / experience this summer. My list included finishing reading the Bible and picking up blogging again, one of which, as you can see, has already been accomplished!

Make your own list. Maybe you could buddy up with someone and keep each other accountable on your lists. The idea is to set goals that interest you and that you are excited about accomplishing, not to burden your schedule with yet another assignment to do. This being said, you probably don’t want to set goals like, “Become a Calculus professor in 80 days” or “Write a book portraying King Solomon’s stream of consciousness.” That would suck all the fun out of it.

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